Godafoss Waterfalls Wallpapers

Godafoss Waterfalls
Godafoss Waterfalls

The Godafoss waterfall features the waterfall from Northern Ireland at dusk and still crescent moon seems to provide enough light for butterflies to enjoy an extended day of fun with wild flowers nearby, meanwhile Seagulls and Golden Eagle is enroutes to their roosting place. With this animated Desktop wallpaper, you will be able to display this magnificent Godafoss waterfall, also known as “Waterfall of the God” from Northern Ireland right on your desktop. The waterfall not only provides the most pristine scene of natures but also the most relaxing sounds of nature. Screensavers is the thing of the past because it is only running when your computer is on idle for a period of time and when it is running you are not there to enjoy your favorite scene. The animated wallpapers, on the other hand, can run while you are working at your computer and therefore be able to enjoy your favorite scene anytime. For better viewing it is suggest that you connect your PC or laptop to the widescreen TV via HDMI. Animated Wallpaper runs on all Windows versions.

Animated Wallpapers and Screensavers Primary Features:

  • Magnificent, fascinating, and relaxing scenes
  • One click option to hide/un-hide icons for maximum viewing pleasure
  • Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
  • Options to set it to auto or manual; independently mute sounds without interfering your music play
Godafoss Waterfall