Trigger Fish Screensaver

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Trigger Fish Screen Saver
Trigger Fish Screen Saver

Trigger Fish Aquarium animated screen saver features Clown Trigger fish, Indian Trigger fish, Niger Trigger fish, Picasso Trigger fish, Pink tail Trigger fish, Queen Trigger fish, Stone Trigger fish, Hawaii Trigger fish, Titan Trigger fish and other species of trigger fishes in a crystal clear tropical reef of the ocean with soothing crashing sounds of ocean wave. Why it is so named: Trigger fish? Trigger fishes are tropical reef fishes with laterally compressed bodies, heavy scales, and tough skins. They are named for the mechanism of the three spines of the dorsal fin so when the fish feels threaten the first of these spines is locked upright by the second and drops only when the latter is pressed like a trigger. The function of this reaction is to lock the fish firmly in a mass of coral; when attacked, the fish dives into the coral and erects the spine, releasing it only when the danger has passed. Trigger fishes have powerful, chisel like teeth adapted for cracking the coral and mollusks on which they feed. With this animated screen saver you can replace the traditional static and boring still image on your desktop and enjoy a maintenance-free of Trigger fish Aquarium right on your desktop when it is on idle state or view the screen saver anytime you wish to enjoy the crystal clear and pristine ocean scene to help you relax.

• Set it to auto and it will adjust itself to your personalized screen resolution
• Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
• Options to set it to auto or run manually when you are on the mood
• Enjoy the screensaver during break and while your computer is on idle state

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Trigger Fish Screensaver
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