Flower Horn Wallpapers

Flower Horn Wallpapers
Flower Horn Wallpapers

Flower Horn Tropical Freshwater Aquarium animated wallpaper and screen saver features many colorful Flower Horn fishes, Flower Horn is a Cichlid which is classified under the genus Cichlasoma that comes from the South American Cichlid family. It has been ignited a new trend in the tropical fish and aquarium trade market all over Asia and spreading to western countries as well. Flower Horns originated from selective and imaginative cross breeding. This beautiful hybrid is thought to be cross-breed between Cichlasoma Trimaculatus, Cichlasoma Festae and Jingang Blood Parrot. But to date, a lot of better quality Flower Horn has been produced due to the intensified eagerness of breeders to produce the best quality fish resulting in availability of various strains such as Golden Flower Horn. The most distinguish feature of Flower Horn fish is by its protruding head and unique body design. Flower Horn fish is highly adaptable and is not very demanding when it comes to techniques of care. In general, they are relatively easy to raise and suitable for fish hobbyist who has never kept a tropical fish before. As all living things, Flower Horns display their most glorious forms and colors when they live comfortably in a suitable environment. The most interesting feature of the Flower Horn is the black horizontal markings that resemble flowers. Some of these markings resemble Chinese characters and this fetch a high price. As legend has it. It is believe that Flower Horn brings prosperity, luck and longevity. Because of the unique appearance of Flower Horn is the main reason that attracts people’s interest and attention. This is undoubtedly one of the causes that Flower Horn fish has been able to generate such popularity. The Flower Horn Aquarium is an animated Desktop wallpaper, but can be used as screensaver and you will be able to display this magnificent creatures in the maintenance-free and feeding-free mini aquarium right on your desktop. Free trial download.

****Tips for better viewing**** You can hook up your laptop or desktop via HDMI connection to your pride’s investment of the big screen TV while running the wallpaper and you can turn your TV into a river of gorgeous fish.

Animated Wallpapers and Screensavers Primary Features:

  • Real colorful fish; independently mute wallpapers sounds, without affecting your music play
  • One click option to hide/un-hide icons; support dual-screen display
  • Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
  • Options to set it to auto or run manually when you are on the mood