Catfish Screen Saver

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Catfish Screensaver

Catfish Screensaver
Catfish Screensaver

The Catfish Screensaver features an assorted species of catfish including Bullhead catfish, Marble catfish, Channel catfish, Flathead catfish, Gladiator catfish, Red tail catfish, Spotted-Bristle nose catfish, Tiger catfish, White Catfish, and Yellow-Tailed catfish. Generally, catfishes are the very adaptable specie and can live just about in anybody of freshwater from murky, muddy, or clear swamps, ponds, river, and streams. It is impossible to see catfish in the wild in it natural environment because they live in not only murky water but also in any natural crevices, mud burrows, and tree hallows. Unless, if you you’re a lucky catfish angler to get one on the hook.

The Catfish screensaver is designed for catfish lovers and therefore many facts like swimming behavior and living environment have been digitally altered and enhanced so that we can display them in a way that we can see and enjoy and appreciate they beauty. Instead of taken a still photo with a fish hook in its mouth and put it on our desktop as wallpaper or slide show. Now, with the River of Catfish animated wallpaper we can proudly display them right on our desktop with live motion.

• Set it to auto and it will adjust itself to your personalized screen resolution
• Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
• Options to set it to auto or run manually when you are on the mood
• Enjoy the screensaver during break and while your computer is on idle state

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